About us

"Love leather" is truly about love - love for leather and love for bespoke pieces. We hand-craft with passion, enthusiasm and professionalism especially for your needs, with a professional eye for detail.

Not only do we produce fantastic accessories, but each of our pieces is made from superior quality natural leather. Because we highly appreciate hand-made, each and every product of ours is manually hand-crafted with precision.
As a result, we offer you an abundance of exceptional pieces which we are proud to have created for you.We're here for you , ever ready to bring to life even your most creative ideas.


For our products, we use only high-quality natural leather;

About our products

Accessory prices are not fixed depending on the amount of leather used, depending on the complexity of the chosen model, the attention and work required to style the product

Delivery & transportation

FREE delivery with regular mail, it will take between 5-7 business day to receive your parcel.